Online Poker

online poker

Using your computer and the internet is not the only way to play poker. Online poker has also helped to boost the number of poker players worldwide.

Texas Hold’em

Whether you’re playing online or at a real casino, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular betting games in the world. It’s the game of choice for many poker purists and a favorite in televised poker tournaments.

The most common form of Texas Hold’em is a no-limit game, which allows any amount of bet. There are also fixed-limit and pot-limit Texas Hold’em games. Both allow you to raise and fold, but fixed-limit games limit the number of raises you can make.

Multi-table tournaments

Thousands of people put down $10,000 each year to compete in multi-table tournaments. Some of the biggest names in poker have made their names on the multi-table circuit, including Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, and Doyle Brunson.

Multi-table tournaments can be an excellent way to turn a small bankroll into a fat stack. However, they are also extremely time-consuming. A typical tournament will take about 10-12 hours to complete. It’s important to plan accordingly.

The most obvious advantage of multi-table tournaments is that players get to play at several tables at the same time. This increases involvement in the pots and increases your chances of winning. It also cuts down on strategic decision making time.

No-deposit bonuses

Whether you are new to online poker or a seasoned veteran, no-deposit bonuses are a great way to jump-start your bankroll. With no deposit required, you can start playing for pennies and watch your bankroll grow with skillful play.

While most online poker sites offer free poker money, they aren’t the only options available. Some sites offer a more traditional deposit bonus along with free tournament tickets. While a no-deposit bonus is usually the smaller of the two, it’s still an interesting option for players looking to test out a new site.

ACH is the best option for online poker players

Among the numerous gambling sites in our corner of the galaxy the aforementioned 888poker is a proud member of our illustrious online community. The 888poker empire is no small feat given the tens of thousands of customers vying for your business on any given day. Despite the comrades to the core 888poker boasts a plethora of gaming options, including a robust rakeback program for regular chums. The aforementioned site’s offerings span the gamut from penny to pound, and even the occasional nightcap.

Legality of online poker in Connecticut

Currently, Connecticut does not allow online poker. However, there are a number of legal alternatives for gamblers. These include real money Texas Hold’em poker, which can be played online from a home computer. Also, Connecticut residents can bet on horse races, jai-alai, and off-track betting. There are also many brick-and-mortar casinos in the state, which offer games such as poker.

Connecticut’s gaming industry is regulated by the Department of Consumer Protection Gaming Division. The state also has two tribal casinos, the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casino, which offer both cash games and poker tournaments.